Lace Sleeve Sweatshirt

This is by far one of the best things that I found this winter…this simple, but cute Olivia Moon lace sleeved sweatshirt from Nordstrom. If I didn’t feel like I was being too lazy I would buy about 3-4 more of these sweatshirts (click on the link below and it will take you to the link for this sweatshirt and you can see similar styles). I got it in one size bigger than usual (I believe in a medium) because I really like my sweatshirts to be comfortable. I also like the way it looks this way too. I think it looks cute slouchy. It’s thin and not too hot, which makes me happy because I can basically wear it all year long! Yay!

So here is how I styled it…just simple. Like me for the most part.

Sweatshirt – Olivia Moon; Jeans – Joe’s; Booties – BC Footwear; Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs; Bracelet – Hobo International; Rings – By Boe; Hammered Bands (from Soel Boutique, similar here)


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