Aliens Exist – Halloween Series

Hey mom, there’s something in the backroom
I hope it’s not the creatures from above…

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that a bright pink, glitter-covered alien has to be friendly right? 🙂

Ok, this is one of the coolest shoots I have gotten to do, but in a different way than usual. It’s not quite your normal dressed up fashion shoot, but it was awesome! When I asked these girls to do a Halloween shoot they said they were doing a series of Halloween costumes and I told them I wanted to do something totally different. I basically told them they could do whatever they wanted to me. Tatum (hair) was like seriously? You won’t kill me!?! I just said go for it! I’m obsessed with how it turned out! If you want an awesome look for Halloween you need to book these girls (see their links below), but do it soon because they will fill fast! Plus, visit Emmy’s Photography blog here, because they’ve already posted a few other looks and more are coming. They’re all outrageously fabulous! 

I got this bodysuit from Forplay Catalog, which pretty much has every costume you can think of! I loved this body suit, because you could use it for so many different costumes. Last year I wore one just like this for my Lisa Frank Unicorn! (see photo recently posted on instagram here for that idea as well!) It’s in their basics area, but they have tons of costumes that are totally ready to go as well. You wouldn’t have to do any extra work to them!

We are giving my readers 25% off your purchase! So get ready for halloween and use code: WILDONE25

Happy Halloween!!!

Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 8Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 4Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 15Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 9Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 20Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 10Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 2Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 19Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 7Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 16Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 25Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 24Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 21Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 12Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 6Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 3Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 18Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 22Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 11Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 26Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 13Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 23Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 1Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 14Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 17Wild One Forever - Halloween Alien 5

Bodysuit – c/o Forplay Catalog; Contacts – Spooks Boutique

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

Hair: Tatum Rae Wetzel

Make Up: Jill Marie MUA

Utah Fashion Insider Launch – Uptown Evening

I’m so excited to share this shoot with you! I got to be part of Utah Fashion Insider’s Magazine Launch!!! Please please go visit the site and view it! It’s amazing. So many talented designers from Utah! They also featured local models and bloggers! It was a blast getting to be part of it!

Also, look for details coming soon about the Utah Fashion Week Gala (formerly, Provo Fashion Week) coming in October!
Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 4Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 13Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 15Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 6Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 1Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 8Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 12Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 2Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 7Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 3Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 16Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 14Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 10Wild One Forever - Uptown Evening 5

Photography by: Endless Photography
Styled by: Natalie Workman and Janay Robison
Makeup by: Jessika Luz
Hair by: Sierra Miller
Jewelry by: Desert Rose Jewelry

Crop top by Natalie Wynn and Skirt by Julie Nguyen

Please visit to see the whole shoot, along with the full magainze!!!

Accent Reds

First of all, the winner of the $50 dollar Groopdealz credit is, Josephine King! Look for an email in your inbox today and please respond by Monday to claim! Thank you!

This week has been a little bit out of control for me. I started last weekend by having my huge family reunion with about 70 people for my Grandpa’s 90th birthday which was so fun and awesome to see everyone in one place. Just missed my brother so much because he’s out of the county! He gets back in 6 months though!!! My other brother Adam was finally in Utah though. He hasn’t been up here probably for over ten years. So that was really fun and we got to go up to our Cabin for a little bit. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. There’s so cell reception up there so it’s kind of a nice break too. We rode our horses and took a little hike with the puppies. Little Ryder just jumped right into the beaver ponds. I was laughing so hard. No fear. Had some car trouble though (ugh). Got that fixed and headed back into work on Tuesday, but I started feeling really sick. I will spare you the details, but I’ve been pretty much been stuck in bed ever since. I can’t remember the last time that I have been this sick for this long. I can’t even watch tv or get on the computer for more than about 5-10 minutes at a time because it just hurts my head way too much. So, 1. I apologize to everyone that I have not really been texting or emailing back. I will be trying to catch up on that as soon as I can sit up basically; and 2. You should stay as far away from me as you can. You do not want whatever I have. Lol

So, today I just have a fun, bright outfit that I got to shoot with the girls a little bit ago. For some reason, red always kind of makes me think of July (probably because it’s so hot!) so I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of all my red posts!
Wild One Forever - Red 3Wild One Forever - Red 11Wild One Forever - Red 15Wild One Forever - Red 4Wild One Forever - Red 6Wild One Forever - Red 13Wild One Forever - Red 17Wild One Forever - Red 5Wild One Forever - Red 8Wild One Forever - Red 16Wild One Forever - Red 2Wild One Forever - Red 10Wild One Forever - Red 12Wild One Forever - Red 14Wild One Forever - Red 7Wild One Forever - Red 1

Top – Anthropologie; Jeans – Rag & Bone; Bag – Tory Burch; Earrings – J.Crew; Booties – J.Crew (old); Nail Polish – ‘Lola’ by Marc Jacobs

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

Hair: Tatum Wetzel

Makeup: Jill Marie MUA

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