The Serenity Skirt from Bliss Tulle and Trollbeads

I have another gorgeous skirt from Bliss Tulle today! The Serenity Skirt is made of layers of beautiful light blue tulle, which happens to be the Pantone color of the Year for 2016! This is a seasonal skirt and will not be available forever!

I also wanted to share these cute bracelets from Trollbeads with you! Trollbeads were started in Denmark in 1976 by Soren Silversmith who sold them out of his father’s shop. Today you can find Trollbeads in more than 30 countries. The family continues to design new beads, and Trollbeads has now grown to include over 90 internationally renowned designers and over 600 different beads – each with their unique design and story. I choose the Flipflops and Dolphin Bracelets because I wanted something cute for summer! I love how detailed they are!

Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 12Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 9Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 18Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 5Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 3Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 13Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 20Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 8Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 2Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 16Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 4Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 11Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 14Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 7Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 10Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 19Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 15Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 6Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 1Wild One Forever - Bliss Tulle and Troll Beads 17Skirt – c/o Bliss Tulle; Top – J.Crew (old); Pumps – Schutz (old); Bracelets – c/o Trollbeads, c/o Trollbeads

Photos: Brooke Bakken

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Hawaii Post 3 – My Date with a Dolphin

I had been waiting pretty much my whole life to do this! I got to swim with dolphins twice on this trip so I was in heaven. The first time I told you about in the first post about Hawaii and it was amazing, but this was totally different because I got to touch her and ride her! It was so fun! We went to Sea Life Park on Oahu and actually got to interact with a bunch of animals, but swimming with dolphins was obviously my favorite! I love them so much!

This is Laka, she is 45 and we got to swim with her two babies too. Check one off my bucket list!!!

Here are just a few pictures of all the fun my Dad and I got to have with the dolphins!SL 38SL 9_2SL 8SL 36_2SL 33_2SL 49SL 50

And here are some more of the animals we got to play with and see!
SL 16

I don’t know if you guys know how terrified of sharks I am…like literally I was having the worst anxiety about it before the trip. Of course it didn’t help that Shark Week was the week I went and there were two attacks in Hawaii right before I went also. I literally was having panic attacks and sweating over it. I was fine if I was distracted when we were snorkeling, but then I would freak out and have to calm myself down. I realize this is completely embarrassing and irrational, but it’s true. When I was little I used to be afraid that someone put a shark in the pool or in Lake Powell. But in Hawaii I’m pretty sure it’s a legitimate concern. The week after we left there were two more attacks.

I secretly kind wanted to do the shark dive…but we didn’t. They are so interesting to me even thought they scare me so bad.
SL 30SL 31 SL 52

Instead of the shark dive, we did the ‘Ray Encounter’. They had their stingers still so it was a little dangerous…BUT not really. I guess they don’t sting unless they feel threatened and it’s a last resort. They were really cool though. The way they feel and move is not like any other animal. I was glad we did this one. There were also TONS of fish in the tank, that were eating out of our hands. It was awesome.
SL 18SL 25SL 24SL 22

And look, I got to swim with a tiny little shark after all! I had a mild freak out when I it at first, but it was small so then I thought it was cool.SL 20

Also, my mom sent me this video to make me calm down about the sharks and I thought it was pretty funny, so enjoy!

Hawaii Post 1

As most of my readers already know from my instagram and a few of my outfit posts, I went to Hawaii back in August with my family to drop my brother off for his freshman year of college. I went to BYU-H for a little bit after my freshman year and I absolutely loved it. He is already, as to be expected…who wouldn’t want to live in Hawaii? Anyway, I haven’t gotten around to posting about the trip yet, so I figured I had to soon! Here we go!

One of the days we went kayaking and got to swim with dolphins out in the wild. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. There were probably over 25-30 dolphins swimming around us for over an hour. They had little babies and they were the cutest little things I have ever seen. You could hear them squeaking and they would jump out of the water and flip around. I wish we had a go-pro with us so we could have got it on tape.

If you are going out to Oahu make sure you do something like this because it was one of the most fun things I’ve done in the 4 times I’ve been to Hawaii on vacation. It’s just a small group of people (for us it was just our family and the guides), not a big boat with tons of people that are going to scare the animals away. We also saw turtles, fish, and more sea ‘creatures’ if you will.

HI 7

This is the best picture I have of the dolphins 🙁 but it kind of gives you an idea of how many there were. HI 10HI 14HI 25HI 17HI 19HI 21HI 27We obviously had to make a stop at the Dole Plantation for the Frozen Yogurt. It’s to die for. We went twice.
HI 32…and Matsumoto’s. Duh. You can’t not go here. Although…I will tell you a secret. Angel’s (in the shopping center where the grocery store is in Laie) is the best place to go for shaved ice. Get the Macadamia Nut ice cream inside, with the sweetened condensed milk and whipped creme on top 🙂
HI 34HI 49HI 51

Taylor and I got ‘Tiny Pineys’. He’s going to kill me for posting this.
HI 37

Another recommendation if you find yourself on the north shore is Shark’s Cove Grill. It’s just a food truck, but it’s one of my favorite places. I ate there when I lived out there 8 years ago and it was a must stop for me going back. I kept asking if we could eat there like every night. (P.S. I love the fish sandwich!)HI 62HI 58