Halloween 2016 Favorites!

Wildfox Unicorn Hoodie – wildfox.comWildfox Unicorn Hoodie

Cat Ears Faux Thigh High Tight – urbanoutfitters.comCat Ears Faux Thigh High Tight

Boo Tee – ilycouture.comIly Couture Boo Tee

Kigurumi Dinosaur Costume – urbanoutfitters.comKigurumi Dinosaur Costume

Halloween Studded Pumpkin – target.comHalloween Studded Pumpkin

Meow Kelly Body Suit – wildfox.comMeow Kelly Body Suit

Embellised Cat Mask – charlotterusse.comEmbellised Cat Mask

Trick or Treat Sweatshirt – ilycouture.comIly Couture Trick or Treat Sweatshirt

Skull Battery Powered String Lights – urbanoutfitters.comSkull Battery Powered String Lights

ASOS Halloween Cat Beanie – asos.comASOS Halloween Cat Beanie

Giant Panda Head – urbanoutfitters.comGiant Panda Head

Crochet Ear Headband – forever21.comCrochet Ears Headband

Wildfox ‘Inside Out’ Skeleton Print Pullover – nordstrom.comWildfox 'Inside Out' Skeleton Print Pullover

ALLSTATE Skull Decoration – nordstrom.comALLSTATE Skull Decoration

ASOS Halloween My Boo Tee – asos.comASOS Halloween My Boo Tee

ASOS Leathal Halloween Pointed Slippers – asos.comASOS Leathal Halloween Pointed Slippers

Taco Costume – urbanoutfitters.comTaco Costume

Three-Piece Devil Costume Set – charlotterusse.comThree-Piece Devil Costume Set

Future State Painted Cage Muscle Tee – urbanoutfitters.comFuture State Painted Cage Muscle Tee

Johnny Loves Rosie Halloween Darvey Lace Bunny Veil – asos.comJohnny Loves Rosie Halloween Darvey Lace Bunny Veil

Tru Self Organics Raw Honey Lipgloss

Organic, All Natural, and Cruelty Free! “No Bad Stuff”! I’d say that’s a pretty good product…even without telling you how much I really do love TruSelf Organics. I’ve been using the mask for a while and it’s one of my favorites!

They just released a new raw honey lipgloss that is fantastic! First of all it smells so good! But it also has made my lips feel so much more moisturized. It’s not sticky, like I thought with the name honey, but really smooth and soft! It’s not colored either, but it’s perfect for putting on top of lipsticks that dry out your lips! It’s made with all natural ingredients, including raw honey and beeswax from a local Michigan farm, Sleeping Bear Farms. Thanks TruSelf Organics for sending me this to review!

P.S. right now until Thursday, Sept 29th they are doing 25% off your whole order. Use code: FALL25

Wild One Forever - TruSelfOrganics Lipgloss 7Wild One Forever - TruSelfOrganics Lipgloss 10Wild One Forever - TruSelfOrganics Lipgloss 3Wild One Forever - TruSelfOrganics Lipgloss 5Wild One Forever - TruSelfOrganics Lipgloss 9Wild One Forever - TruSelfOrganics Lipgloss 1Wild One Forever - TruSelfOrganics Lipgloss 4Wild One Forever - TruSelfOrganics Lipgloss 8Wild One Forever - TruSelfOrganics Lipgloss 2Wild One Forever - TruSelfOrganics Lipgloss 6

Tee – c/o Tru Self Organics; Shorts – American Eagle (old); Sneakers – Adidas; Necklace – Urban Outfitters

Products: All c/o Tru Self Organics – Lipgloss, Moisturizer, Facial Cleanser, Mask

Photos: Nina Tekwani

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OSEA Skincare

I recently got to try some new products from a skin and bodycare line called OSEA Malibu. They are vegan, organic, and gluten-free! They produce products to enhance the skin’s nature health and beauty without using synthetic fragrances, genetically modified ingredients, petrochemicals, parabens, or sulfates. OSEA stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere. OSEA uses elements from the planet to heal the human body and don’t use anything to pollute it.

“We are committed to providing customers with extensively researched products designed for their purity, quality, and effectiveness. We develop our products with only the purest ingredients proven and technically advanced formulations to restore skin to its highest level of health and appearance. Using product formulations that took our founder Jenefer Palmer over a decade to refine, we bring together the abundant vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids derived from earth and sea that your skin needs. We also take care to harvest our natural ingredients in an eco-responsible manner to ensure the sustainability of the incredible ecosystems in which they are found.” – OSEA

OSEA Skincare - Wild One Forever 1

These are the three products that I have personally been able to use and from using these, I would not hesitate to try more of them!

Red Algae Mask -Reduces the appearance of fine lines, imperfections, and broken capillaries while stimulating circulation. Rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fortified with a variety of antioxidants and enzymes, this concentrated formula heals breakouts and purifies pores. Unlike traditional clay-based masks that have a drying effect, this treatment supports and balances your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

White Algae Mask -This multi-tasking anti-aging mask corrects uneven skin tone and soothes redness while visibly firming and lifting. Formulated for an immediate, brighter, more luminous complexion.

(P.S. Use this and the next product together to help brighten and improve uneven skin tone as a power duo!)

Skin Brightening Serum -This ultra-lightweight serum contains vitamin-rich Indian Gooseberry, Cumin, Japanese Mutsuake Mushroom Extract and Organic Patagonian Seaweed to prevent age spots and hyper-pigmentation, while gently and safely brightening and improving skin tone. Bearberry Leaf Extract mutes skin discoloration and scarring

Below (yes, in all my beautiful glory) I am trying out the Red Algae Mask! I LOVE the way my skin felt after this one. It felt super clean and refreshed. It also has this really good minty smell! I used it right before I went to sleep, rinsed it off, and in the morning I felt like I looked much more awake than normal! They call this mask the “jet lag” mask because it helps to reduce puffiness, redness, and refreshes your complexion! Use this one if you are feeling tired and want glowing skin! I think they made this one specifically for me, because I’m always complaining that I look so tired!!!

OSEA Skincare - Wild One Forever 2

All products shown – c/o OSEA Malibu