Kiava Athletic Apparel & Giveaway

So, I have this not-so-secret secret. I have been struggling so bad with my physical appearance lately. Since this summer I feel like I cannot get back in shape and no matter what I do I can’t seem to get my body to do what I want it to do. I’ve gained a decent amount of weight and it’s just throwing me! I don’t by any means think that I am “fat”, but it’s really hard to stay positive when your body keeps changing and when nothing fits the way it used to. I try so hard to not let it bother me, but taking photos every week doesn’t exactly let you forget your flaws. So I was very very nervous to take these photos. I can’t lie, I don’t love the way I look in them, but I think it was important for two reasons. 1. To remember that I don’t have to be a certain size to like myself, and 2. That this will be my motivation to get in shape and be healthy. So I’m starting my resolutions a little before the new year! Writing it here means I can’t back out right?

Even though I was so nervous, I have been so excited to share this amazing small business with you! Kiava Clothing is quickly becoming one of my favorite athletic brands and they are from right here in Utah. One thing I love about small businesses is that you get to know them on a much more personal level. The owners of this brand are some of the nicest people and so hard working! I wish you could all meet Olivia and Joseph! I can’t wait to wear my Kiava Clothing while I’m getting in shape!

Their athletic apparel is super supportive and obviously freaking cute! I have 5 of their bras now and they are my favorite things to wear, especially for high impact activity! The Braided bra (that I’m wearing in this post) and the Endurance bra are perfect for my running, zumba, and kickboxing. I also love their Dynamic bra, which has a little bit lighter support. I love wearing this to my yoga classes and just for lounging around.

You guys will all have the chance to win one of two gift cards to their site, just in time for the holidays! Look for it on my instagram around 10 am! @kristinrosedavis 
Wild One Forever - Blue Kiava 2Wild One Forever - Blue Kiava 3Wild One Forever - Blue Kiava 7Wild One Forever - Blue Kiava 4Wild One Forever - Blue Kiava 8Wild One Forever - Blue Kiava 1Wild One Forever - Blue Kiava 6Wild One Forever - Blue Kiava 5

Top – c/o KIAVA; Sports Bra – c/o KIAVA; Pants – c/o KIAVA; Shoes – Nike (old)

Photos: Haizel Creations

Kristin’s Photoaday – September

I have not done one of these in way too long. I have been so busy! So here is a little catch up of my day to day!

Hot dogs are my favorite dog

Happy Birthday  to one of my favorite babes!bdayais

Hawaiian Night at Kickballkickballkickball2

Freeing yourself…dust

Bebe girlvic

The NationalNational

Love these

We are the reckless, We are the wild youth…Chasing visions of our futures, one day we’ll reveal the truth. – Daughteryouth

Nails with the girls. nails


Ernest Hemingwayernest

Big Bear.bear

What else are you gonna do on a rainy Saturday? #nordstromanniversarysaleshop

Loving our bracelets from The Shine Project!shine

Work Besties 🙂work


Loving my nails from Color My Nails!nails

Taylor’s call is in the mail!!! Anyone wanna throw in their guesses?tay

Roomie Love at Sara’s Weddingwedding2

Listen close.aa1e681a39458f2d0f4b6cdf079d9d8c

What do champions say?!?! Summer League Champs! #picthesbecrazychamps

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Kristin’s Photoaday – Middle of January

My cute Christmas owls and feathers from West Elm, but I’m considering keeping them out all year long.

gloves in cailfornia? what?

Taylor playing soccer…woot woot!

Gossip Girl finale…:( saddest day of my life, but i LOVED Blair’s dress.

gold holiday leggings and ‘by boe’ necklace. obsessed.

the fish boys

Kale and his monster spray! He sprays it in his room before he goes to sleep so they can’t come in!

snow boots…brrrr

I don’t know how I keep ending up in places like this. I barely even camp! #scheels

Sometimes this is just what you need.

Old photo…but I posted it for Taylor’s bday! He turned 18! What!!!

Starting my collection #classics

I’m moving to Russia. It’s just as cold here.

Riding the train to Sale Lake with our friends!

I told him it would get stuck. He thought it was hilarious.

Yes, that is a shovel tied to a sleigh. Hey whatever works right? He also thought this was hilarious.

Kale has decided to learn his ninja skills from Jillian Michaels kickboxing DVDs.

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